Receive the Peace that is in Jesus Part 16: There is an Assurance

Jude 1:20-23;

When we put our faith or our confidence in Jesus we need to understand that we are now relying upon Him to point out the way we should walk-in.

Walking in the path that Jesus ask us to walk in is far different than us making a choice to follow what the majority believes the scripture to teach.

In our faith we are counting on grace, mercy, and eternal life. We are convicted that as long as new trust in our Lord He will carry us through.

But Jesus makes it clear that our salvation is not a lopsided event. We are not only  receive God’s compassion for us but we are also to give compassion to others.

However we Christians seem to be growing into a very uncompassionate people. It looks more and more as if we are in a race with the world to see just who can become the least caring people around.

But if we work the works of God in our lives we shall not only save ourselves from the fire of death but also be able to show that there is assurance in Jesus to others.


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