A faith not to live by · A world full of fools · cause of love failing · Choose life or choose death · Choosing one's own way · Dead people · False ideas · God takes no pleasure in dying · God's stamp of disapproval · Judgment coming · Lack of obedience · Nature of God · self-centeredness · Sin's seperation · the love of self

Receive The Peace That is in Jesus Part 15: The Treatment You and I Should Get


Bad treatment is something that at some time or other we all are on the receiving side of. Sometimes we deserve while at other time we don’t. this is a sad fact of life in this sinful world that we live in.

Yet while we in our daily relationships with our fellowman this is the way it always is our relationship with our Maker is different. We as sinful rebellious people deserve nothing but the worst. We are worthy of not one good thing from the hand of God. We merit evil from Him. After all we have given Him nothing but vileness.

Yet Jesus loves all of us. This is why He has not been so quick to give us what we deserve. But even mercy has its limits, Justice too must hold it’s part or evil soon will over power all.

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