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Peace and Safety, Peace and Safety

Sadly to say the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the e Christian Church are one in the same.   They holder peace and safety, peace and safety when it really isn’t.

The Democrats seek to rule this country by all means possible.  They belittle and besmirch all those who dear appose them.  They ridicule and even out right lie about them in an effort to turn all they can against them. They are ready too holder that only as republicans are taken out of the way can there be peace and safety, peace and safety for anyone. The thing is they are out in the open to what they want for this country.

Republicans on the other hand profess to be for freedom for all but to they live up to that? It seems that republicans have no backbone to stand up for what they profess to believe. They do not want to look to the people the way that Democrats picture them so they are forever cow-towing to the Democrat way of doing things. It is thus they are for the sake of peace and safety, peace and safety 7at they are working so much to complete the Democratic agenda.

Thus our representatives are working together to make us think peace and safety is coming and we will be protected and safe.

So just how is the Christian Church becoming just like them? Well here it is. The Catholic Church has thrown out the window all bible truth. Purgatory is nowhere to be found in the bible. The bible says that we are saved by grace and there is nothing that we can ever do to earn our salvation. The Catholic Church states that our salvation is due to a combination of God’s grace and our works done for the church. Thus the priest are able to be the final arbitrators of whether or not we shall receive salvation. So they tell all others come to us and you will have peace and safety, peace and safety.

The Protestant Church is now for the sake of peace and safety, peace and safety they are throwing away all bible truth and joining hand and hand with the Catholic rebellion. Then they preach to the people peace and safety, peace and safety God shall protect you and save you.

But words of warning from God Himself.

when we say peace and safety then!

Read about it in the bible.







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