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The Greatest City Ever

The greatest city ever: Could it be New York City?


Perhaps Tokyo Might be that city.


Then there’s those Cities in China.



And how could we ever forget London the city which has over the period of WW1 and WW2 kept the beacon of freedom alive.

And then, and then there is that great city that was once the capital of one of this worlds greatest known empires, Rome.



Rome was and still is the seat of great power; perhaps the greatest power in the world bar none. It is the seat where the great Dragon, of bible fame hold its power. The seat where the man of sin lies and waits for his day to come. This is that great city that has, in the past and is now promoting its way as the one and the only way to be followed. The exceptionally well thought out seat where the Antichrist will seek to control the world.

I know it does not look it now but a quick run through the bible should be enough to convince those who are true seekers of truth.

However though it be on the top of this earths list of great cities there is one city even greater still.  it is yet to make its home here on earth. It soon will be here and when it makes its appearing it will be seen coming down from heaven surrounded by a cloud of angels with Jesus, as Lord of Lord and King of Kings, leading them.



According to the bible: in the book of Revelation

Its an eternal City:

Many now call Rome the eternal city yet Rome is a man built city. Yet as an earthly city built with the hands of men it like all other earthly things shall perish in the fires of the last day. The New Jerusalem which is built by God Himself along with all its inhabitants shall never perish.

Its a city where not just the King but also we the common people wear crowns:

imagine if you can not only a city but a planet where everyone is equal to the next person. only the King is above you, yet you have crowns upon your head also. You are not demeaned nor made into a surf so low that you are treated like dirt. Would it not be so fantastic to be there and to live under a ruler such as that? You can. all you have to do is to give your heart and your life over to Jesus and in His strength abide by His rules.

Its a city where the Godhead shall forever dwell:

The most amazing thing about this city is that God Himself lives there with you and will be your teacher throughout eternity.

Will you not at this time choose to serve Him?

So which is the greatest city? Which would you rather live in?







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