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Good news to all. God has made it possible for us to not be sinners. In 1 John 3:4 we read: Whosoever keepeth God’s law commits the unpardonable  sin for is by his own works seeking to earn his way into the city of God. The bible makes it very plain, only by Jesus doing the work for us and we sitting back and letting Him do it all will we be able to enter those gates..

Thank God we can make it. We are home free. We are safe in the arms of Jesus. Hold on its not Friday yet.

In actuality God has said something very different in this verse. Read it and see just how far off base we as Christians are when we pronounce the law as done away with for us as Christians.

its a marvelous thing to say everyone but us is under the condemnation of law but we are not because Jesus has done away with it for us.

Bad theology. If the law is done away with then there is not just no penalty awaiting us but there is no way we are able to sin thus we are perfect beings in a sin filled world.

But, and that’s a big but this is not the way life is.

We are not perfect just because we become a Christian. Nor has God done away with His law in order for us to live with Him for all eternity. Jesus loves us too much to let us go on in our self destructive ways. Besides if He loved us so that He did away with His law why did He not love the Jew in the same manner? What, are we so special that He treats us so differently? Then I ask could He not do the same for Satan and his followers?

No its not Friday yet and Jesus has not yet returned for His people.

That is good news for all. We still have not only the chance to get our theology corrected but to get our relationship with Him on the right ground. Before Jesus returns His people need to learn that when we treat His law, including the 7th-day Sabbath, as meaningless we promote lawlessness and in so doing we disqualify ourselves from living in heaven.

No it’s not Friday yet and we have not yet made it; but we still have a chance.


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