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James 1:13-15 us a bit of good news, or should I properly say  that it puts us in a pit filled with bad news.

The first pit we all seem to stumble into is the pit of saying That God tempted us in this manner or that manner. It is all so easy for us as Christians to say that God temps us in an effort to strengthen our faith. This to all too many becomes an out when they fall. But James has given us some breaking news. Its news that turns bad news into good news. James tells us that as faithful Christians We should never be saying that God is the one who tempts us. What kind of God would place sin at your hearts door then when you took it in condemns you for doing what he caused you to do? No, James makes it plainer than day. God loves us too much to entice us to sin against Him.

Would it not be a strange and wrongful thing For our creator to work both sides of the fence while at the same time telling us that it is wrong for us to do so? God cannot not do anything that is evil. And because it is evil to cause another to sin He cannot do so .

We love also to lay blame on Satan for the wrongs we do to ourselves and to others. No James clearly states: we are tempted and we fall into sin when we are by our own lustful desires enticed to let go of God’s standard and follow our way of thinking. Then after our desires are given birth in our hearts they give rise to faulty ways of living out our lives; ways that are rebellious to God and His law. And when this sin of rebellion is full grown the gift it receives for its effort is everlasting death.

Breaking news: There is no good news to all if death will occur as the result of the way we choose to live.

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