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Good news to all Paul says in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin ( the breaking of God’s law) is eternal life while the gift of never infringing upon their requirements is eternal death.

Another way that our modern belief system might put it is , the wages of sin is death but God gives eternal life to the Christian who disregards His law.

This leaves the world thinking. If I break God’s law He wants me dead while you break His law and He says come live forever. What makes you better in His eyes than me, we both are breaking the same laws? Why does He love you more than me? What makes you so special anyways? He calls you the apple of His eye, what am I to Him; dirt not worthy to be stepped on

It is a good thing however for all concerned; there is good news to all. The bible does not say the above words. The bible plainly shows that Jesus’ love is held out to all, equally. The same result of death is to all both Christian and non believer alike when they become lawless and reckless in their relationship to God’s law. At the same time the gift of life is offered to all who will turn to Him and with all their being follow after his and seek to become in the right relationship with His law.

A bit of bad news to all: there is a day of judgment coming and for all in that day if their hearts have not been made right with God and His law there will be no more days of life before them to be had.

At the same time when that day finally appears and if we have set our hearts right with God and His law we will have an eternity of living to look forward to.

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