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Jeremiah 13: 16, 23

Give glory to the Lord your God before He shines the light of truth upon you. For when that light comes it will cause you to falter because then you will be seeking to follow the light and obey what the light tells you to do. Then that light will lead you into eternal death.

Always remember that for just the same reason Ethiopians are unable to change  the color of their skin and leopards are unable to remove their spots we are no ability to rid our lives of this evil we call sin.

We thus can only say glory to our God for He has made it possible for us  to be His sons and daughters while we freely continue sinning away our lives. We do not have to feel guilty all the time for the sins that we still do over and over again.

 But, I ask: is this suppose to bring about a great admiration among the unbelievers? If so well its a big failure. Rather it causes one to get the impression that there is really no difference between the Christian and themselves.

Is this the way we give glory to our God? We need the world to understand that being a Christian is not much different than being worldlings thus it is easy. We just cannot get it into our brains.

Your no different than me then why should I become a Christian? Your God if he is a God has no power therefore what in him need I fret over and fear.

My brothers and my  sisters when will you and I wake- up? The good news is that our God really does hav the power that we need to have our lives changed. And He wants to give us that power here and now.

the bad news is if we do not here and now take hold of that power then we have a false hope and we have need to fear just as much as they do.


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