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Soon Coming Judgment andWar


War here on this planet occurs all the time.

But the thought of an all supreme God passing judgment upon us and using the armies of our enemies to carry out that judgment upon us is in our mind is for us hard to comprehend.  In out manner of thinking we  do not place Yeshua in our everyday daily living. But our Lord Yeshua gives control of His creation over to no one.  We may expel Him from our lives and upon doing so believe that we have destroyed His influence but, sooner or later He steps in to counter our influence.   And as we as a nation turn into a deeper state of  rebellion and idolatry, rather than let wickedness gain full control  so as they destroy all righteousness He steps in to put an end to that wickedness.

 However there  is soon, very soon yes all too soon for many, a day of judgment coming.

But this time those who carry out the orders will be non other than the armies of heaven.

Ready or not it will happen!

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