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Man’s Ways/ God’s Ways A Choice to be Made

We even as Christians and even though we make loud squawking noises of having Jesus in our hearts working to free us from the sins of this world need to look at ourselves a bit longer and a bit closer. Especially Christians need to ponder long and hard over. We have a choice to be made. We need to make our salvation election sure as the word of God puts it.

Ask yourselves; am I truly following a thus saith the Lord or am I not knowing placing an I don’t think God really means that. Perhaps you might be saying that’s not important. maybe we are placing our words and thoughts in the place of what God means  it to be. I heard a good example of this the other day. At creation it doesn’t say that Adam and Eve rested that first Sabbath. this preacher teaches that God only called Himself to keep the day holy. He left man to decide fore himself what would be pleasing to God.

Funny I seem to recall Cain and Abel being in a different light.

God has a way but it must be a choice we ass individuals must make to follow or not to follow.

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