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We have all at one time or another heard the song ” shall our anchor hold through the storms of life”. We all know that it is talking about Jesus as that anchor. But as there are many types of anchors there are many places to place them and dig in.

Jesus is just one of the many thousands of places were we can set our anchors into. but no matter where we may choose to place them or whom or what we may place them in it is a choice that effects our lives often forever.

Some of those choices can uplift our lives and cause us to have well lived well worth it character building experiences throughout our lifetime.  Others such as drugs, alcohol, or the friends that we might choose may lead us to a life of crime, a life of living in jail, or even a death sentence coming down upon us as the results of the crimes we commit.

But then there are those time where the storms of life overwhelm us all. these may be personal private times which we choose to share only with those who are closest to our hearts.   Still other storms have come in where whole nations become in one way or another involved.

There is one coming however that will involve the entire world. Yes this entire d we all need to pay close attention for ball that hangs upon nothing will be rapped up in the fury of this conflict. And how close attention must be paid so that it does not take us by surprise.

It will not be a conflict of war such as in WW1 and WW2. Yet it’s severity will be far more reaching in it’s effect and it’s results. Man’s very destiny and his right to choose it will be sought by a false Christian church to be taken away and your conscious they will make under their full control.

We think now that we have a hard time in this life. We do not now like it when someone says something that crosses our wills. Then you will have no choice but to bend and obey them and treat them as gods or you will lose your jobs, your food, and even your lives.

Mankind complains now about a God that they believe to be over bearing and over reaching but, than they will fast find out what happens when man makes of themselves gods in the place of God.


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