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An Unpleasant Bible Truth

John 17:16

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.

To the world this teaching is a strange impossible tutoring to follow . How can any such directive be taught in a book when its purpose is suppose to be to bring them to Jesus as their savior.  Just how can any person no matter what they profess be people thaat are not of this world?

For someone who is not a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ to miss what is being said here is understandable. To them the world is all they see and know. In the narrow vision that we as humans have they cannot move beyond the natural  world.

As I sated we can all understand that manner of life. However for the Christian not to understand or to misapply this teaching and make it say something else is a horrible situation to get into.  All Christians deep inside their heart know of a surety that their  life need be lived in a different way than that of a non-christian.  yet we take His clear words and garble them so that this command is saying what it really does not say.

We may be Christians yet we truly love the pleasures that this world has to offer. Disney, Sea World, and Universal are just mild forms of this. There is also smoking and drinking. The top three are able to kill our walk with God but smoking and drinking will also kill our body. We seem never to realize that taking part in these is taking part in the world.

How can we continue in these things without causing this question to arise upon the lips of all; What is truth?  So as Christians we instead to obeying the word of God, we continue in that question. What is truth?


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