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The Rainbow Generation

Like it or not, approve of it or not each and every person alive on this globe today in some way or another is involved with it.The LGBT+community has reached a point that goes far beyond just that of being equal with their fellow beings.But so has many others including the church which is suppose to be showing the world the love and care that God has for them.

Instead of seeking to show the love of God and the power of God to change lives they want, just like the LGBT+ community, to control lives and by force when they feel that it is needed make people to live the way that they feel they should be living. The LGBT+ community seeks to force everyone’s   belief system into their mold, The far left , the far right, the black power movement, and the white supremacy group all are working in the same self manner to effect their own agenda. This makes one messed up world where no one  sees the other as their equal. As such they do not afford the other any rights but what they want to oppose upon them.

The church of Jesus Christ should be holding themselves separate from this mess even though they have to live in it.  This is what Jesus meant when He told them that while they are in the world they are not to be of the world. But making themselves antichrist they join in with the nature of world and instead of seeking the lost so as they might truly be saved, they are now seeking, by force, to cause them to live in the way that they call righteous.

This is against man’s nature and it only brings out more rebellion against God and turns this society into more of a rainbow world.

We are all to stand soon before that  great Judgment Throne. All mankind will answer for how they choose to live their life.

But we who are suppose to be God’s representatives here on earth to others will also have to answer for our heartless Christ-less responses to this rainbow generation.

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