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Our Attitude to New Light

As Christians How can we ever expect our fellow man to accept Jesus as the great and mighty savior when we ourselves think of him as a God that is so week that he is unable to lift us up out of our sinfulness.

It is either that or we turn our Lord into a God that is nothing but a procrastinator.  We make Him into a God that puts off changing the way we live till sometime in the far future.  Meanwhile we with pleasure we are free to live in the sins that we enjoy.

How dare we be turning people away from Christ by living such a phony baloney  life where we claim to the world that we are under grace.

Grace never gives us freedom to walk in sin. It does give us Jesus Christ and His power to walk in His strength a sinless life and I said sinless.

Paul says in Galatians: O foolish Christians! Who has put a spell on you as to make you think that you  do not need to obey the truth that Christ Jesus sends your way?

Paul also says in Philippians: Do you not realize that as long as your faith is placed in Jesus  in His strength  you can do all things.  You will be able to do all things. Does not all things include living a Christ- filled Christ- like sinless life? Yet we go about living our life in a way that we say to the world that Jesus is unwilling or unable to change our lives now. That at the present time we will have to live out a life that is in reality no different than theirs.

Proverbs 1:23 promises that He will make His truth and His will known to us.  But as true as this is why are we living out so weak lives? Could not the fault lies within ourselves? John states in i John 2:1: My fellow Christians I write what I write so that you might see that when you walk in Jesus’ truth you will be able to live a sinless Christ-like life.

Let us take note of what scripture shares with us.  Jeremiah 7:23 has this to say. Obey My voice and I will be your God and you will be a child of mine. Then and only then will you be okay. Jesus Himself says in John 12: 35, 36: you are going to have the Light of truth just for a very short time. Walk in that light while i have it past you by because refusing to do so brings the darkness of falsehood in its place. When false ideas take the place of truth you will be walking down the wrong pathway and not even realizing that you are not in the hands of God anymore.

Amazing, even the winds and the seas obey the voice of God but we humans seem to have a problem understanding His declarations.  Maybe just maybe if we choice to walk in the light God seens our way our lives would be better witnesses and more people would choose to become Christians.

It all has to do with our attitude with new light.


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