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Jesus Tells Us Read This Book in Matthew 24: 15, 16



This verse not only points us to something that we need to be watching for. It also points out were we must turn to in order that we might recognize and comprehend just who or what you really need to know.

We face a very strong storm. I am not talking about tsunamis or cat 5 hurricane type storms.  I am talking about man’s relationship with their fellowman as well as with their creator.

Jesus said when you see the abomination of desolation as spoken of by Daniel then you know to flee the cities into the mountains. Jesus is giving us fair warning. And we need to accurately understand just what is to take place in this world of ours.

 We may think that the events that have just unfolded in our Senate most recently have been bad but what lies ahead will make it look as if we have been enjoying Boy Scout camp. We seem the least bit concerned that we are walking right into the desolation   that if we read and understood the book of Daniel we could avoid this whole mess.

Why is it that we always refuse to learn from the past and thus doom ourselves to repeat it?






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