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God Showed What to the King of Babylon

I thought that the God of heaven was the God of the Jews only. This is just what many Jews would have us believe.  Some have told me that Jesus is the God for the Christian while Yahweh is the  God of the Jewish people. Irregardless of what peoples  opinions are however, God showed both the Jewish Nation and  the rest of the world, when He bypassed the Jewish people and gave the dream to Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon.

once this event took place Yahweh Showed  to the entire world that that He was not only God of the Jews but their God also. Thus it behooves  us to pay attention to whatever He reveals to us in His world. And with this in mind while I am  not going to give here an unabridged account. What I do want to share with you here is broken down to but one point.

So just what was God sharing with King Nebuchadnezzar? Well as many other Kings of his day Nebuchadnezzar did not want to admit that this most powerful kingdom that he built would fall to another man made kingdom. Like you and I he thought himself as being far superior than he really was.

God put this king in his true place. Nebuchadnezzar basically was told that He was no better than any other man that ever lived or will live in the future. Thus He is saying the same to us. History will carry on till one day He will return and put an end to it.

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