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The Metallic Man The Head of Gold

This dream that Nebuchadnezzar had was given him by God Himself. And in this dream there was a metallic image of a man. This dream left a very strong impression upon Nebuchadnezzar and he wanted desperately wanted to know what it meant. Sure it  held something important for him and his nation he called in all his top advisors and wise men that were there in the city with him to be interpreters of the dream for him. The trouble was he could not remember what the dream was.

This my brothers and sisters both in Christ and you who are still bound by sin in the world is where our troubles begin. The King of Babylon called upon man to interpret what God gave rather than turn to the God who gave it. But only God is able to explain what He puts forth as prophecy. God uses man however, that man must place himself in the hands of God.

Thus Daniel a man of God was used to do what man in all their wisdom and knowledge could not do. We today still face this kind of heart in our world today. We believe ourselves to be what we are not. We are strong minded as well as strong willed. Thus like Nebuchadnezzar we look to man for the answers and push out God.

Oh how we need to make our abode Christ Jesus. If mankind would only do this the answers to the troubles of this world would be solved.

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