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The Metallic Image:

Throughout history kingdoms have come and gone. Babylon was not to be any different. Thus while Nebuchadnezzar was deeply impressed  that the city He had built up and made strong was represented by the head of Gold which meant he was the most glorious of all the cities represented. God was showing that while he was superior he would fall to the next kingdom.

As silver is considered an inferior metal to gold so the nation of Greece was considered an inferior nation to Babylon. Later on t this Nebuchadnezzar rebelled at this point. How dare this so called God of the universe say that Babylon would fall to another nation never mind one such as this pictured in this image.

Just who did this God think he was anyway? It was thus that Nebuchadnezzar replaced that image with an image of his own choosing.  Just how often do we do the same thing in this world today. we’re the greatest county in the world. Non are like us. Who can overcome us? Yet a caravan of five to eight thousand people seems to be putting such great stress on us that we will be brought to our knees.

Are we not just like Nebuchadnezzar? Should we not be placing ourselves in the hands of God rather than men?

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