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Time For Another Change

Persia now fades into time. They now are just a memory in our minds. They had been given their chance to become one nation under God and rejected it. They choose the same pathway Babylon did and now they also lie a defeated nation. A new nation now a new nation, Greece, arrives upon the scene.

Now Greece is to be given its chance to relate to God and his people in a manner that they would truly be a people under God, thus treating mankind justly.  Would they unlike the nations before them prove trustworthy? Let us take a look and see.

In the year 168 BC Antiochus the IV invaded Jerusalem. Once he captured that city just how did they treat God and His people? Antiochus IV went into the very temple of God. The self- same God who created him and flaunted his rebellion before both God and His people.

Antiochus went about setting up in the Temple of God his statue of the Greek god Zeus and sacrificed a pig to it. Then he passed unto the next step in his agenda. His desire that the Jewish people replace the worshiping of the living God for a god made up in the mind of man. A God not made of stone foe a god made of stone.

This caused both man and God to see Antiochus IV as an  abomination and a stench in their nostrils. It created in the Jewish people the nature of rebellion which while it served to defeat and drive out Antiochus hurt them in Roman times. 

Thus we can see how Greece was inserting their fate of eternal damnation into eternity.

Time for History to move on. Time for another change.

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