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Rome’s Chance Comes

Rome’s chance now comes and goes. How will they in their midnight hours choose to deal with the true God and His followers? Will they be like Nebuchadnezzar was with Daniel? Or will they choose to be as Antiochus of Greece was?

There were at the time of the Roman Empire upon this earth like China and India and South America. Why were they not mentioned in God’s word? Did not God know that of these other Kingdoms? How is it that He could leave mankind with the impression that there were only these kingdoms that became the only supper powers ever on earth?

My brothers and sisters oh how untrue that is. One may look in the bible for centuries and never locate one single verse to indicate that this kind of teaching was ever true. It is man, not God, and our lack or true reasoning powers that lie at the foundation of this false teaching. Our lack of who the bible was written to also helps us to walk down pathways that lead us away from God.

The bible was written by God’s people for His people. It is in understanding this that we can see that while there were many kingdoms upon this earth only those who were and are in a more personal relationship with those who are His people have a place in His, God’s, book the Bible. Thus we make it down in the history of this world to Rome.

Now Rome has it’s opportunity to react with the Israelite people in a manner that their nation would become blessed. However what might have been for them just like the others who went before them they chose to go down the wrong path. this time however, Rome not only laid their heavy hand upon the people of God but placed it upon the Son of the living God Himself. They nailed the Messiah Jesus Christ our Lord to the tree. From this point on Rom e was in it’s downward stage.

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