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Rome and the Christian Era

Representatives of the Roman Empire  and in that empires name had made the decision to in the name of Rome participate in the death of Jesus, God Emanuel. Now if the Caesars apposed them doing that they could have chosen punishment for all those involved. But they didn’t. Rather they started persecuting the early Christians.

The Christians were now in the place Of the Jewish Nation as God’s people; for the Jewish people had rejected their Messiah. Thus Rome’s standing with The Living God now stood and we will stand till Jesus returns with how Rome and others deal with God’s followers, the Christians.

What did Rome fix their mind upon at this time. Christians are radical in what they preach, how they live, and what they do therefore we need to deal harshly with them. Thus Rome went down the pathway of  persecuting Gods people, Christians. 

Thus Pagan Rome chose to reject the Living God and His people. They did this first with the Jewish Nation then with Christians.

Understand this is not the end of Rome and the Christian era.



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