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False Christianity Rises: Rome The Next Generation

Old Rome is now in a strong decline. It is crumbling from within. The Caesars had moved east in an effort to keep their power. But in doing this there was a void that was created that if  left to itself  would lay waist Rome and end bring the empire to its end.

In order to keep this from becoming the outcome of his move he had to setup in his stead a man, one in whom he felt could control the people in a way that would insure him of his power over them.

By this time in Rome’s history Christianity was on the rise in Caesar’s empire. It is thus with the need to  hold his faltering empire together he Caesar turned to the Bishop of Rome who was one of the leading Bishops in the Christian Church.

This was the first step in the rise of  the false Christian Church. A church that many today thinks goes all the way back to Pentecost. However if and when we were to check out the history books we would clearly meet up with  what truly happened.

In a struggle to gain their power over the people they used their control over both church and state to get their way.  they started picking up pagan practices. They changed the names from pagan names to names that could be accepted by Christians that were not willing to go all the way with Christ as there fathers did. Thus they drew into the church  many in the Roman world whose hearts and lives never changed.

This my friends, as sad as it is, is the awful truth in our church history. And out of this came the new generation of church members which ended in a false Christianity.  

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