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The Antichrist Meets Protestants

Jesus has had in all ages of this worlds history His true representatives. At the commencement of Satan’s takeover it was Able. He was the first martyr’ or as the meaning of the word says: the first person on the earth to go all the way with Jesus and willing laid down his life for Him. But there were others throughout the ages who did the same.

the Catholic Church in its prime was busy martyring  all groups of people,000 such as the Huguenots and the Waldensian’s.  It is a very conservative estimate that tnghey slew 50,000 people. Some have placed that figure closer to 150,000. But when our Lord the Creator says enough it really, whether we like it or not, is the end of the matter.

God now starts to bring unto the scene men who were willing to take a stand against this man of sin who by now had become an antichrist.

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