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Protestants Minds Weakens and Change

Protestantism  has now moved beyond a protesting movement.  Matter of fact we have  pasted into a  Christianity that is nothing but a mere form.  We go about claiming to believe Jesus to be our Lord and Savior  yet we live as if He is unable to  liberate us from a anything.

What Protestantism  was at its beginning is now in a sad state of affairs. Our relationship with God  is in the worst shape  that it has ever been. His church, that is Gods church, has no faith or very little in their Heavenly Leader.  How long will God allow this to stand? 

Brothers Sisters as well as all who are alive today. There is not a moment to waste. It is one minute to midnight. Are you ready to meet Him as a savior. If not then you will meet Him as a death angel.

Moreover we all face this our last chance to choose. Will we put God first in our lives and turn away from opposition to His book the bible or will we continue denying the parts of scripture that pricks us into compliance to HIS WRITTEN WORD.






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