Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 9 The Christian Character- a Work of a Life- time


Sanctification: we all want to go to heaven. The trouble is we are all seeking to get there by our own methods.

While sanctification is a process it is not of our own works. While there are works that we must do. They are works that must be done by us through Jesus who does them in us and not that of our own doing.

We must not grow weary because we fall all too often. Jesus does not weary in his efforts to bring us into his image.

God with love us so therefore he so freely justifies us when we come to him with a contrite heart. But once again it is his work of pulling us to him and not we of ourselves moving to him, lest we are able to boast. Yet Jesus’ work for us does not end there. He has set up a sanctification process by which…

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