Part 10: Where Are We Now

Why do you choose the worldly way over the ways of scripture? Outside just plain loving the enjoyment this world hangs out like the faverbial  hanging out of the carrot top.  

No Light in Us

It is something for mankind to place their hearts and minds into subjection to God.  Can it be done? If there is no spiritual light in us to start with just how can we improve upon something that doesn’t even exist? 

to the law and testimony! If we do not speak according  to this word, it is because there is no light in them; Isaiah 8: 20.

The question is; what does it mean that we have light in us? But we say: we keep God’s law! Do we? We believe in God and that Jesus is His Son.

The question comes down again, do we? if we believe and we do this as we  say we do then why are we living as the world lives? We seem to not want to give up the world and it’s pleasures even for eternal life.

Living as we do there is no way that God’s way or His truth can have room for growth in our life.  Therefore we face the need to make one of two choices. We can choose either to live for God or to continue as a worldling. one gets fees while the other must starve, 

We in our animalistic nature feed our lustful nature there God’s love and truth is pushed out of our life and out of existence. therefore the question comes forward again. Do we really believe in God and keep His Laws.

Brothers Sisters  awake before it’s too late. A failure todo so means there is no light in us.

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