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The Metallic Man The Head of Gold

This dream that Nebuchadnezzar had was given him by God Himself. And in this dream there was a metallic image of a man. This dream left a very strong impression upon Nebuchadnezzar and he wanted desperately wanted to know what it meant. Sure it  held something important for him and his nation he called in… Continue reading The Metallic Man The Head of Gold

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The Law of Grace Faith and Works

What is a central doctrine that  God’s faithful from Adam to us who are living as Christians in this modern day lust of the flesh world are expected to live by. One of the main tenants of living a Christ filled Christ-centered life is the law of how God’s grace, how faith in Jesus, and how… Continue reading The Law of Grace Faith and Works

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Do We Persuade Men or God

Paul says in Galatians 1: 10: “For do I now persuade men or God? Or do I seek to please men, I would not be a bond- servant of Christ.” To persuade means: to influence .                                                                                          To convince To plead the case of. to sway to argue the case To dissuade Paul is asking if… Continue reading Do We Persuade Men or God

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God’s Deliverance To Come Soon

Many, Christians Included, Think that this event is nothing but a fairytale. We are so used to a world where hurt, pain, suffering, and death occur that it is hard to imagine life any other way. Oh so hard. But just because we think of it in terms of Greek Mythology doesn’t make it thus.… Continue reading God’s Deliverance To Come Soon