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The Way of Salvation

Christians are looking forward to the day of their salvation. However, how is that salvation to come. The bible is quite clear on the subject. There is for everyone to face two things.   To every man judgment lies in wait for them. This judgment will only be a one time event and its results… Continue reading The Way of Salvation

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Freedom a Description of Christianity

Yet this is just what the world is facing, on all sides of the fence. It is a serious issue when its handed down from a non believer to any church however, it is a far bigger problem man faces when one religion does it to another or to a non believer. Freedom of religion… Continue reading Freedom a Description of Christianity

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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 80

God has shown all mankind his true character; a character of love toward all his creation. Most people believe God to be a God of vengeance. A God who looks down upon his creatures just looking for every little wrong that they do. If our heavenly Father were that way all he would have to… Continue reading Liberty Or Death: Which Part 80

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Good People and Heaven

  Have you as a Christian ever had anyone say to you something like this? So and so is a very nice person. you mean to tell me that just because they do not accept Jesus as their savior they are not going to heaven. I don’t believe that. Heaven to them seems not so… Continue reading Good People and Heaven