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Ezekiel had a major announcement to give to the people of God. Said Ezekiel, God told me that He takes a great deal of enjoyment in punishing those who do what He demands them to do. Therefore God says turn against me so that you might live. Ezekiel 18:32. Seems odd that we as Christians… Continue reading GOOD NEWS TO ALL part 5

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The Greatest City Ever

The greatest city ever: Could it be New York City?   Perhaps Tokyo Might be that city.   Then there’s those Cities in China. Beijing Chongqing And how could we ever forget London the city which has over the period of WW1 and WW2 kept the beacon of freedom alive. And then, and then there… Continue reading The Greatest City Ever

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Receive the Peace that is in Jesus Part 11

Heaven was forever a peaceful place where Jesus reigned without question as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Then someone, Lucifer by name, started questioning things. Why did things always have to remain this way? Should he Lucifer not be able to be in the place of Jesus? After all why should the Godhead… Continue reading Receive the Peace that is in Jesus Part 11