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Our Attitude to New Light

As Christians How can we ever expect our fellow man to accept Jesus as the great and mighty savior when we ourselves think of him as a God that is so week that he is unable to lift us up out of our sinfulness. It is either that or we turn our Lord into a… Continue reading Our Attitude to New Light

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An Unpleasant Bible Truth

John 17:16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. To the world this teaching is a strange impossible tutoring to follow . How can any such directive be taught in a book when its purpose is suppose to be to bring them to Jesus as their savior.  Just… Continue reading An Unpleasant Bible Truth

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Good news for all; be of good cheer. 1 John 2: 4 says this: He who says that he loves me and keeps my Ten Commandments out of love for me is a liar and does not walk in my truth but in his own works. is not that truly good news? there are no… Continue reading GOODS NEWS TO ALL part 1