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The Greatest City Ever

The greatest city ever: Could it be New York City?   Perhaps Tokyo Might be that city.   Then there’s those Cities in China. Beijing Chongqing And how could we ever forget London the city which has over the period of WW1 and WW2 kept the beacon of freedom alive. And then, and then there… Continue reading The Greatest City Ever

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Will I See Him Come

Do you truly think that The God who knows all, sees all, and can do all  Just because you refuse to admit that He exist is unable to come in a manner that you will see Him come?  His capability to do anything is not dependent on anyone’s, never mind yours, acceptance or refusal to… Continue reading Will I See Him Come

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The Law of Grace Faith and Works

What is a central doctrine that  God’s faithful from Adam to us who are living as Christians in this modern day lust of the flesh world are expected to live by. One of the main tenants of living a Christ filled Christ-centered life is the law of how God’s grace, how faith in Jesus, and how… Continue reading The Law of Grace Faith and Works

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Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 14: Bound By A Tie Never To Be Broken

Satan put down claims that God’s Ten Commandment Laws of Love were in actuality laws of hate and spudded forth nothing but hate speech. I’ll make it easy for you to claim to be a Christian but for sure I’ll make it so that in action you never can be one. And now if we… Continue reading Receive The Peace That Is In Jesus Part 14: Bound By A Tie Never To Be Broken

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A Letter To The World :Not Just Christians

t This blog hopefully points the entire world to Jesus their creator. It is to the world and not just Christians. The beginning of this worlds history started when Jesus himself created this species called humankind. However, within a very short span of time those He created chose to make a detour away from their Creators… Continue reading A Letter To The World :Not Just Christians

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Gethsemane Teaches Surrender

This event that Jesus went through is quite well known. Many look at this just mere  propaganda.  Still others see in it a God who is very weak or just claiming to be God. They view this supposed weakness as reason why Jesus cannot be trusted to overcome sin in their lives. Why a God who… Continue reading Gethsemane Teaches Surrender

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Freedom a Description of Christianity

Yet this is just what the world is facing, on all sides of the fence. It is a serious issue when its handed down from a non believer to any church however, it is a far bigger problem man faces when one religion does it to another or to a non believer. Freedom of religion… Continue reading Freedom a Description of Christianity